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Battle Ground students create and code with Ozobots
Battle Ground students create and code with Ozobots

Students at Battle Ground Elementary School are learning about computer coding through small robots called Ozobots.

Students learn how to control the Ozobot's speed, direction, and movement through a series of red, green, blue and black dots. They use colored markers to create the codes that instruct the robot how it should move. For example, red dot, black dot, red dot tells the Ozobot to stop, while green, red, green, red will make it spin. After coloring the codes, students put the robot down to see if it follows their intended pattern.

"The Ozobot won't move until at least one of the five bottom sensors sees a color," says media specialist Kristin Dell. "The Ozobot will just patiently sit, wait and blink when placed on a white sheet of paper. Place it on a paper with sequences of two, three of four color dots in a row and it will react accordingly."

Dell purchased a couple Ozobots and received funding from the Lion's Club for another set. "This is a great activity that introduces the students to coding," says Dell. "They can see the results of their coding and learn to work as a team."