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Transportation safety message
Transportation safety message

In memory of the students killed and injured at a bus stop near Rochester, the Tippecanoe School Corporation will display black ribbons on school buses, as authorized by the Indiana State Police. Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences go out to all those affected.

The safety of our students and staff is a top priority. This tragic situation serves as a reminder that we all need to stay diligent in our safe stop procedures. All bus drivers are reminding students to listen and follow their directions when getting on and off the bus, especially students who need to wait for the driver's signal to cross a road.

We encourage motorists to know and obey school bus stop rules. Indiana law requires motorists to stop when a school bus is stopped with its lights flashing and stop arm activated. If a vehicle is traveling the same direction of the bus, it must always stop. If it is traveling in the opposite direction approaching the bus, the driver needs to stop, including when traveling on multi-lane roadways. The only instance when a vehicle is not required to stop is when the vehicle is on the other side of a divided highway, separated by a grassy median or concrete barriers.