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Early History of Tippecanoe Township Schools

In 1826, just 10 years after Indiana received statehood and only 15 years after the Battle of Tippecanoe, a county school system was organized with Mr. Samuel Black appointed as school commissioner. As a part of this Tippecanoe County School system, the first subscription school in Tippecanoe Township was opened at the farm of William Kendall. One year later, in 1830, a building was constructed for use as a school. A second school was erected the following year elsewhere in the township. Sometime during the 1830's a wood and stone school was constructed.

The first of two "colleges," or academies as they were known, was opened in Battle Ground in 1857. The second, which was a splinter of the first, was called the Battle Ground Collegiate Institute. This was later used as a Battle Ground public school between 1882 and 1903.

By 1887 the five academies in Tippecanoe County had closed, probably as a result of the close proximity to Purdue University, which opened in 1874 in West Lafayette.

The earliest high school graduating class records found date back to 1896. At that time there were 152 schools in Tippecanoe County with 14 of these located in Tippecanoe Township.

1903 a three-story brick school was constructed on the current school site. Five teachers taught grades 1-12. This building was replaced in 1922 with another three-floor structure that included a gymnasium.

1908 State of Indiana High School Certification. From 1956-59 additions of a shop, gymnasium, music room, and 18 elementary classrooms were built onto the back of this 1922 building.

In 1979, a new middle school was opened in Battle Ground. During that school year, elementary students moved "down the hall" into the old high school building while the elementary was remodeled. With the start of the 1980 school year, the elementary students moved into their new facilities. The high school was then razed.

The school has received recognition and awards for outstanding endeavors. This is a direct result of the focus and dedication of the staff coupled with an active parent group, and a supportive, involved community.

Battle Ground School used until 1862

Used until 1862

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Battle Ground School 1903


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